Obamacare – the Best idea since Medicare

I just received an email from my member of Congress Dr. Nan Hayworth in which she wrote: Assuring that all Americans have access to good medical care and to affordable, portable health insurance is a crucial goal for our country, and one that is a mission for me as the only woman physician who is a Member of Congress. The massive new health law passed in 2010 was meant to help us, but, for many reasons, it actually causes harm.

She is totally wrong on the issues and here is what I replied to her:

I could not disagree with you more. Trying to care for people who are uninsured, or who suddenly change insurers at an employer’s whim, is near impossible under the current system when patients have long term (chronic care) needs. The bureaucracy of the private insurer system is infinitely more complex, and much more expensive, than a uniform care system would be. The Obama plan is the best idea since Medicare. You should support it.

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